Our main activity consists in the selection and recycling of the maximum amount possible of waste: valorisation of waste is a leading principle in our organization and the main investments have always pointed to this aim.

Each company contacting Resmal is visited by one of our technicians, who carefully examines the production process generating waste. This can lead to the identification of the best and more efficient methods for waste disposal and recycling. Therefore, running part of the selection process directly at the Customer location, in respect of the growing Customers' needs in terms of space, logistics and quality of the service, we can design customized services in order to minimize the environmental impact of the production processes and the disposal costs .

The long experience of our technicians can lead to the maximization of the amount of waste destined to recycling and to a continuous research of new types of material to be reintroduced in the production cycle.

Once the waste is placed at our plants, they enter the pre-storage area, endowed with an automatic weighting system. Then, depending on the type of material, they are deposited in special areas in order to undergo to operations of selection and volume reduction, through grinding and pressing processes.

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